1 x ALPS STEC11B04 11mm Encoder Metal Shaft Vertical


ALPS STEC11B04 11mm Encoder Metal Shaft Vertical

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This ALPS STEC11 metal shaft incremental rotary encoder is vertical mounting. These rotary encoders have a small footprint and a highly accurate sliding contacts. Applications include volume control in AV equipment, menu selection for in-car navigation systems and other in-car devices. We also supply the STEC12 range and other encoders. A set of knobs specifically designed for rotary encoders is also available.

  • 10mA max. operating current
  • 5VDC operating voltage
  • 15,000 cycles life cycle
  • 300VDC 10MΩ min. insulation resistance
  • 360° endless rotation
  • 30 detent positions, 15 pulses
  • 25mm shaft length
  • M7 thread for panel mounting
  • Optional push switch with 0.5mm travel
  • Horizontal or vertical mounting types
  • 6 mm Metal shaft

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