BinaryBots DIMM Programmable Robot with micro:bit & Sensors


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DIMM┬áis the incredible new smart robot that is revolutionising the way we learn how to code! From basics through to more advanced levels, use this kit to introduce STEM to construct the smart card robot and then the even more fun bit – learn to code and build your own projects.

The kit comes jam packed with goodies, including DIMM the robot, some fun and interesting sensors, stickers to customise your robot, and full instruction. The robot is easy to construct and final connections are easy and straightforward. Pretty soon you’ll be designing projects, coding computers, and making DIMM do fun and exciting things. Create anything from a motion detecting security robot to a temperature or light sensing science experiment – the possibilities are endless!

  • Includes BBC micro:bit
  • Build and code your own robot
  • So easy and fun to learn to code, with lots of activities included
  • No complicated software needed – just write code on a web page using Block Editor
  • Includes free online lessons and courses
  • Built out of strong durable card
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