Eisco PH0916B – Gold Leaf Electroscope – 165 x 95 x 71mm


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This gold-leaf electroscope is great for hands-on experience with electrostatic principles in physics classrooms and labs.

When an electrostatic charge is induced or transferred to the electroscope, the charge causes a thin piece of gold leaf to be repelled away from its mount. The resultant deflection of the leaf shows the presence of an electrostatic charge and the angle of the leaf can be used as a measure of the charge.

The solidly constructed sheet anodised aluminium frame of the electroscope is mounted on a plastic base. Front glass window slides up to allow the insertion of ionizing material into chamber. A transparent scale is attached inside the chamber to measure the deflection of the gold leaf.

  • Supplied with two gold leaf sheets
  • Fitted with 4mm socket
  • When assembled, the electroscope measures 165 x 95 x 71mm
  • Eisco type PH0916B

Note: the gold-leaf does not come pre-attached to the electroscope. Instructions on how to properly attach the gold-leaf to the conducting rod are included in the Experiment Guide.

Replacement gold leaf is available separately.


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