Fischer Elektronik FK 237 SA 220 H Aluminium Heat Sink (Clip On) 21°C/W TO220

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The Fischer Elektronik Aluminium Heat Sink Mount (Clip On) 21°C/W TO-220 A range of clip on heat sinks that are optimally designed for cooling TO-220 devices. Available in horizontal, vertical or a design suitable for both orientations. A choice of thermal resistances ensures that, together with the mounting choices, there is a suitable heat sink for every application. The heat sinks have a maximum width of just 14.5mm, taking up less room than other attachable heat sinks.

These heat sinks are made from aluminium, giving high thermal conductivity, and a black anodised finish increases radiative heat loss to maximise the efficiency of these cooling devices. To further optimise the efficiency of these heat sinks they have been designed so that the cooling fingers form spring clamps that push the component and its mounting flange onto the heatsink where, due to the constant pressure on the entire contact surface, effective thermal management is achieved.

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