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1 x Good Sky CAR-SH-112DE 12V 30A Automotive Relay


Good Sky CAR-SH-112DE 12V 30A Automotive Relay

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Automotive relay, SPDT contact, 12V DC coil voltage, 30A contact current, 90R coil resistance, 1.59W coil power, 10ms operate time, 10ms release time, silver alloy contact, 23.1mm long, 21mm wide, 21mm high, 18gm weight, automotive relay, these relays, available with 12V and 24V coils, have been especially designed for automotive use. Their heavy duty construction enables them to switch the heavier loads required in vehicular applications. PCB mounting. Epoxy resin sealed type suitable for PCB washing. Form C SPDT contact. Designed for extreme temperature ranges, suitable for use in the control of car alarms, central locking, indicators and lighting.

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