1 x Meder SIL05-1A72-71D 5V SIL Reed Relay-SIL5


Meder SIL05-1A72-71D 5V SIL Reed Relay-SIL5

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SIL reed relay, 5V DC coil voltage, 200V switching voltage, 1A switching current, 15W switching power, 0.7ms operate time, 0.1ms release time, 50mW coil power, 200mR contact resistance, 500R coil resistance, SIL package, 19.8mm long, 5.08mm wide, 7.8mm high, A range of single pole normally open diode protected reed relay, housed in a compact single In-Line epoxy moulded package. The Ultra-Slim package permits relays to be mounted on 5.08mm centres. Completely washable and suited to auto insertion, suitable for direct interfacing with TTL logic, SIL package.