1 x Mime Industries MeArm Pi Raspberry Pi Robot Arm in Blue


Mime Industries MeArm Pi Raspberry Pi Robot Arm in Blue

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The MeArm Pi is a brilliant new robot arm for all ages, that is easy to make and control, and can be built by anyone. The arm is powered and controlled with a Raspberry Pi (not included) and will teach you about technology, engineering and programming.

The MeArm has been deliberately designed so it is easy to build and use, it is recommended for 11+ age range but is so well designed that even younger engineers should have no problems. The only tool required is a Hex key, and it’s included in the box.

The `heart` of the arm is the Raspberry Pi, a low cost computer that has been developed to make learning about computing accessible and fun. The MeArm can be controlled directly via the neat on-board joysticks, or you can try your hand at learning to code, making the arm move using one of the many programming languages that the Raspberry Pi runs. All the software is free and is suitable for all skill levels from absolute beginner to experienced programmer.

You’ll find it simple to start programming and using the MeArm as soon as it’s built. You can choose which way you program the MeArm, on-board programming and in-browser programming. The icing on the cake for the MeArm is that it can all be controlled straight from your web browser, so you don’t need to have a monitor, keyboard or mouse.

Here’s what you get in the box:
Arm structure parts
Socket head screws for easy assembling
Hex key so you don’t need your own tools
4x Metal gear servos
Raspberry Pi HAT with two on-board joysticks

What else you’ll need:
If you don’t already have one, we can supply you with the phenomenal Raspberry Pi 3 (75-0650) click here for details.

Here’s an introductory video to wet your whistle.

To see how the robot arm is built, please watch this.

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