Pimoroni PIM254 Speaker pHAT for Raspberry Pi I2S DAC, Speaker & LEDs


Pimoroni PIM254 Speaker pHAT for Raspberry Pi I2S DAC, Speaker & LEDs

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Hello pop pickers! Are you ready to rock? With the Speaker pHAT you can turn your Raspberry Pi into a tiny audio centre, letting you listen to music, speech, alarms, notifications, etc.

The pHAT is so well designed that it has an I2S DAC, a mono amplifier, a tiny 8Ω 2W speaker, and a 10 LED bar graph – all on one tiny little pHAT. It really is the simplest way to add audio to your projects. Even the beautiful artwork evokes the huge boom boxes of the ’80s. The sound quality isn’t quite Abbey Road, but good enough for fun little projects. Why not try combining with a little USB microphone and create a voice-activated assistant? Or set up a simple Flask API and send notifications to it from IFTTT with a simple HTTP request.

The Speaker pHAT comes as a kit, so you’ll have to solder on the female 40 pin header, and screw and solder the speaker on. Check out our assembly guide for more details.

Kit includes:
Speaker pHAT
8Ω 2W Mylar speaker
2x 20-pin female header
5cm 24AWG bare wire
4x M2 x 8 black nylon bolts
8x M2 black nylon nuts

We’ve put together a handy one-line installer that will get everything set up in a jiffy! Our installer configures ALSA to output sound through the DAC on

  • Compatible with Raspberry Pi 3, 2, B+, A+, Zero, and Zero W
  • I2S audio DAC with 3W mono amplifier (MAX98357A)
  • Default output of 0.45W/26.5dB
  • 8Ω 2W Mylar speaker
  • Routed holes to channel sound
  • 10x Bright white bar graph LEDs
  • SN3218 LED driver chip
  • Speaker pHAT pinout
  • Female header and speaker require soldering (includes bare wire)

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