Shield stacking headers for Arduino


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We heard once that in the 4th millenium B.C. some guy asked the person who invented the wheel that question. The person who invented the wheel’s answer, we were told, was something like “well it’s not actually that simple – it required engineering and innovation and this thing called mathematics that probably hasn’t been discovered yet and blah blah blah…” on and on and on until the guy got called away to go fight a minotaur or something. Cool story, right?

We mention it because stacking headers are sort of like the wheel to the Arduino civilization – meaning this thing that’s incredibly simple, incredibly useful, but still so brilliant you’re amazed they didn’t exist before the day they started existing. What are they for? Stacking. You put the headers on top of your Arduino and then you can add shields to get your Arduino doing all the cool things you want it to.

Our set includes

1x 10-pin header
2x 8-pin headers
2x 6-pin headers
1x 2×3 header.

The legs are all 10.5mm long, so after PCB thickness (1.7mm) you have a height of 8.8mm – just enough to clear the Arduino’s USB-B connector. They’re also fully compatible with shields designed for Arduino R3 and the Leonardo.


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