1 x Siretta DELTA5A/x/SMAM/S/S/17 ISM Flexi Antenna


Siretta DELTA5A/x/SMAM/S/S/17 ISM Flexi Antenna

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The Delta 5A from Siretta is a direct connect stubby antenna measuring 100mm in length. It is a ¼ wave, helically wound, omni-directional antenna with a centre frequency of 868MHz. It is far more focused than wide band antennas, such as quad band GSM, providing far superior performance. This does however mean that the Delta 5A is limited to 868MHz only applications. 868MHz resides within the Industrial, Scientific and Medical (ISM) band. Common applications for ISM antennas are low power short range applications such as: wireless sensory monitoring, street light control, smart metering and security systems, etc.

The bottom of the antenna and the connector are ‘flush’ with one another, in other words, there is no ‘skirt’ or overhang.

  • 868MHz ISM antenna
  • Direct connect
  • Rugged construction for portable equipment
  • Ideal for many popular radio modules and equipment
  • Optimised for use on 868MHz equipment
  • Maximises space for mobile environments
  • Meets all EU compliance criteria for electronic goods
  • SMA male connector
  • Siretta type DELTA5A/x/SMAM/S/S/17

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