1 x Siretta TANGO420/2.5M/SMAM/SMAM/S/S/17 4G LTE/3G MIMO 2 Port Antenna


Siretta TANGO420/2.5M/SMAM/SMAM/S/S/17 4G LTE/3G MIMO 2 Port Antenna

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Siretta’s Tango 420 is a 2-port MIMO antenna intended for LTE routers with ‘Diversity’ capability.

It comes in a low profile panel mounting package with an M12 brass stud for mounting. This provides the user with a neat and tidy solution where the inconvenience of installing two separate antennas is avoided. This can save you on both installation time and cost.

The Tango 420 is a solidly built antenna which can be mounted comfortably in an outdoor location exposed to the elements. Moreover, it has dual mounting with both a stud and an adhesive base that further prevents risk of water ingress.

The antenna is supplied with two RG174 coaxial cables – one for each antenna, each terminated with an SMA male connector.

  • 2x 4GLTE antennas in one package
  • Low-profile puck package
  • VSWR: ≤2
  • Gain: 2 to 3dBi
  • Max. input power: 60W
  • Impedance: 50 Ohms
  • Polarisation: vertical / horizontal
  • Frequency bands:
  • Port1 and Port2: 690 to 960 / 1710 to 2170 / 2500 to 2700MHz
  • Dimensions: 80mm dia. x 13mm height
  • Cable: RG174
  • Operating temperature: -45 to +75°C
  • Radome plastic: UV resistant
  • ABS black plastic
  • Mounting: 12mm stud
  • Siretta type TANGO420/2.5M/SMAM/SMAM/S/S/17

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