1 x Tekview Powertxt Remote Power Control & Power Loss Alerts via GSM Mobile Network


Tekview Powertxt Remote Power Control & Power Loss Alerts via GSM Mobile Network

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Powertxt is a simple GSM (mobile network) controlled plug and socket that is fully operated and controlled by SMS commands, allowing effortless remote control of power. It uses any network / SIM (apart from digital networks, e.g. Three) and it can be controlled from any mobile phone or through dedicated SMS software ‘EstateView’ for larger projects.

Powertxt allows easy control of the mains power to any equipment connected to it, just plug your equipment into Powertxt and send a couple of SMS messages to set it up. Your equipment can then be turned on/off or rebooted whenever you need. Powertxt also sends an instant SMS alert as soon as mains power is lost (e.g. power failure) and in addition it gives temperature readings and sends alerts when the temperature goes outside of your pre-programmed parameters.

Sending an engineer to site is expensive and time consuming, Powertxt is a low-cost simple device that allows you access to the power of your connected equipment easily giving a very quick ROI. For most customers Powertxt pays for itself with the first engineer call out saved. Reducing engineering call outs reduces your costs, potentially SLA penalties and increases equipment uptime.

As Powertxt is plug and play it can easily be deployed on new and existing equipment/installations.

  • Instant power loss / restore text message (SMS) alerts to all users
  • Turn power on or off as required remotely by SMS
  • Rebooting remotely reduces engineering call outs and saves money
  • Powertxt is an SMS only controlled device
  • Simple quick set up by SMS
  • Control using your mobile phone or dedicated SMS software
  • True out of band solution (No IP address/No Wi-Fi connection or network permission required)
  • Control power by time delay (OFF in 20mins), time/day (ON Mon to Fri, 9 to 5) and temperature (e.g. turn a heater on when the temperature drops below 5°)
  • Totally secure (Only has access to the mains power connection NOT your connected equipment)
  • One master user plus 4 additional users
  • Instant temperature SMS alerts
  • Temperature sensor included
  • No installation, just ‘plug & play’
  • Size 125 x 60 x 60mm (at the widest parts)
  • SIM card required

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